Our Commitments

Sustainable Goals

At Boortmalt, sustainable development is more than a duty. It is a passion. We are all very determined in making a difference. We have defined our priorities, have given ourselves stretching objectives and are very openly communicating about them:

1. Water conservation: by 2025 we have reduced by half our water consumption

2. CO2 footprint: by 2030 we are running on 60% renewable energy

3. Safety: with our programme “Together” we are shaping a 0 accident culture

4. Sustainable barley: by 2021, we consume 100% SAI sustainable barley in Europe

5. Gender equality: 25% women into the management team

We however do much more in the field of sustainability and have decided to map all our initiatives according to the UN Global Goals.

Let's the sun play in our team
Solar thermal central

Use the solar energy


Water is life
Optisteep water save system

Water reduction

 Optisteep © is a water consumption reduction system which allows 40% economy on a malthouse..